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I’ve talked for a while now about how I’d like to start writing. It’s not that I’m a terribly impressive writer. It’s not even that I have a lot to say (well, some might argue that point). Simply put, this is a completely self-serving endeavor to become more like those I respect and admire.

I recently read a brief article by James Somers, a citizen of the interwebs about whom I know very little other than the fact that he has some good stuff to say, provoking thoughts, and shares a lot of the same ideas and opinions I have. Thus far I have lacked the motivation to put these ideas and opinions on paper to share with the world. The article, “More people should write,” reminded me of the simple idea that “you will live more curiously if you write.” Already, in the 90 seconds I’ve spent writing this post, I’ve learned more about the value of putting thoughts onto paper than I have in the last 90 spoken word conversations with friends & family.

It’s not only possible but probable that the only folks who will read this and other posts will be my wife, my mother (or mother-in-law), and perhaps a co-worker or two – but readership isn’t really my goal, nor the point. The point is to become more observant, to remember more about the experiences I have on a daily basis, and maybe even improve my ability to communicate.

Down the road, there might even be an opportunity to educate, amuse and enrich others as they stumble upon my ramblings. Again, not the goal, but I’d be okay with that. Remember, this is a completely selfish endeavor.

Wish me luck.

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